1st Grade Women NPL2 Champions!

What a way to cap off a fantastic season! Minor premiers and grand Final Champions. That women put on a great performance against Marconi. Even with Marconi nipping and chipping at their ankles (and the occasional jersey pull) the women were able to hold their own.

With the defensive line holding strong, the fast play through the middle and the speed from the forwards the women were able to take an early lead into the half. The frustration and exhaustion started to show for Marconi in the 2nd as the mariners were able to find the net for another 2 to put the game well and truly out of reach for Marconi. Even with a few chances our GK efforts from Trudy Burke proved to be too much for Marconi. All the girls put in a Fantastic effort. Goal scorers were, Evelyn Chronis, Siahn Boaznic, own goal by Marconi and Rita Boateng (2).

What a way to cap off the season.

Well done!